Our Counseling Services

We provide services in-person in our office as well as teletherapy services. Teletherapy services allow people from all over Oklahoma to receive services regardless of their location. Frequency of sessions is dependent on the client’s needs and desires and can be negotiated with your therapist. We do not utilize a one-size-fits-all approach to our clinical work.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling consists of 1-on-1 work with a therapist.

Individual sessions are approximately 50-minutes.

Couples/Partnered Counseling

Couples/partnered counseling consists of a therapist working with two or more partners.

Couples/partnered sessions are approximately 50-minutes.

Premartial Counseling

We have developed a four-hour premarital counseling program that meets the requirements per Oklahoma state statute. This program includes but is not limited to, topics such as effective conflict resolution skills, effective communication skills, finances, future planning, and sexual intimacy. This program can be attended weekly or biweekly in one or two-hour appointments during the week or as a one-time, four-hour appointment on Saturday.

Letter Writing for Gender Affirming Care

Clinicians at OKSRI believe that trans and non-binary folx should have access to gender-affirming treatment and care from the medical community. As such, we offer one-time evaluations for the purpose of providing folx with letters of support for treatment such as Hormone Replacement Therapy, surgeries, and legal name changes.

Clients’ Rights